Who is behind it?

Three yachting enthusiast and one ‘frenchie’.46 years of total sailing experience at oceans, seas and inland waters. United by love to travel, and by beautiful yacht Samsara and the challenge of making a Mediterranean round cruise under sails.

Meet the crew you can join:



He always tries to stay close to water. Certified Yacht Skipper. Sailing since primary school. If not sailing on yachts, he has good time with his second passion windsurfing and if its windless, then he’s got the time to think of future cruises and trips. Born to joke and tell stories as well as fluent in giving orders. Btw, he’s the one who rules the boat.



Legend says that her first name was “Capstan” however it could be also “Cardamom”. Probably this is the reason why she is so keen on sailing and cooking. Certified Yacht Shipper, years of experience in sailing, always equipped with pouch of magic spices, which make each dish at sea superb and unique. For those of you interested in local cuisine specialities she might be guide and tutor.



Unusual crew member – Miss French Bulldog. Petite one, typical representative of her breed: friendly and sociable. Lover of water, waves, trips and crazy about chasing balls. You may treat her as lucky charm, cuddly toy or solace during cruise.

Our certificates:

- Certificate of Competency of Yacht Shipper
- Graduate of Maritime Academy, faculty navigation
- Short Range Operator’s Certificate
- Certificate of Training in Utilizing of Radar and ARPA – Operational Level
- Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats under convention STCW94
- Certificate of Training in Advanced Fire Fighting under convention STCW94
- Certificate of Training in Medical First Aid under convention STCW94
- Rating Forming Part of A Navigational Watch Certificate