How do I make a reservation?

You can book a cruise via web, email or simply just by calling us. Thereafter we will sent you the terms and conditions of the cruise and payment details.

How you should pack and what should you take with you?

The best thing to pack is a soft duffle bag. As a last resort, the backpacks are also acceptable. But please remember not to use hard-sided suitcases or bags. Storage space on yachts is limited and such bags will reduce your living space substantially.

Apart from the personal items that you would take for any other trip or holiday abroad, it’s highly recommended to bring:

- yachting certificates, if any,

- wind and waterproof jackets and pants,

- hat, gloves, and a scarf,

- a thermal base layer,

- a warm pullover, fleece, or soft-shell,

- rain boots and comfortable, soft and light-soled shoes

- 12v car charger for your electronic devices,

- earplugs, as I have found them quite convenient

Is sailing experience required?

In general, more you know about sailing, the better, but we don’t require any experience for this trip. One of the reasons why you are sailing with us is to gain such experience. Before sailing from the first marina, we will do basic safety training and teach you how to use the yacht’s equipment. During the actual cruise we will teach a basic sailing course, so the most important thing is your will to learn!

How will the trip look like?

We tried to divide our cruise in a manner which allow us to find a compromise between sailing and sightseeing during the 6 days.  At each leg we have approximately 200 nautical miles to cover, which means that we will spend altogether about 2-3 days at sea, with the rest  reserved to explore the world.

Each participant of our cruise, once embarked, becomes a crew member of s/y Samsara and will be fully engaged in yacht duties such as  steering the yacht (under supervision of our Skipper) and preparing meals (under supervision of our Master Chef).

What is excluded from the price?

Participants  of the cruise need to arrange and pay for inbound and outbound transportation to and from embarkation/disembarkation port. Additionally (if found necessary) please buy travel insurance. Price does not cover pocket money, museums and national park entrance fees, etc.

How should I get there?

If you don’t have direct flight we recommend using a connecting flight via Milano Bergamo and then to south Italy or Sardinia or via Barcelona and then to the Spanish coast or Balearic Islands. Alternatively, you can go  via Brussels Charleroi. You may find an interactive flight connection map in the useful links.

Alcohol (intoxicant) consumption and smoking policy:

During the sea passages or at anchorages alcohol and other intoxicants are  prohibited. The crew must stay sober and ready to act at any time.  Smoking is not allowed at any place under deck.